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PP979     Disney Institute - Squash McStretch - Mascot

Disney Institute - Squash McStretch - Mascot

979 - Disney Institute - Squash McStretch - Mascot 979 - Disney Institute - Squash McStretch - Mascot

Pin Stats

  • Origin: Other
  • Limited Edition: LE 5000
  • Year on Pin / Released: 1987-1999
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  • Original Price: $ Gift
  • Owns: 21
  • Wanting: 2
  • Trading: 10

Front Description

The animator mascot for the Disney Institute. He wears a cap or hat and holds a pencil. He was to have been made in various colors, but the anamator who created him left the company! The back of the pin that "pintrader" owns reads Disney 1/5000 DI. I have seen 6 others that all say 1 of 5000 as well. Here is some additional information that I learned about this pin from a SuperTrader at Epcot. On the back, the pin says "1/5000," but that is not the actual pin number. That means it is one of 5000 pins made. But, when the creator of the character left the Disney Institute, part of those 5000 pins were destroyed because of copyright issues. So no one really knows how many of these are really out there. At most there are 5000. The pins were given to the animators who taught the class and to each student who took the Animation class, before the animator who created the character left the Institute. This pin is similar, but not identical, to 1641. That pin appears to be flat metal with an epoxy coating. This pin is soft enamel. Also, this pin has a gap between the nose and pencil, and 1641 is filled in. Measures 1-1/4 x 1-1/2 inches *Note added by the artist* Hello. I am Larry Lauria. I am an animator and director who created Squash McStretch while head of animation at the Disney Institute. Squash is an Irish-American character and was born when we rolled him out at Disneyana in September 5th, 1995. He was created to have a Disney character who loves to learn. These pins are the only Squash pins in existence (beside the proofs). A limited of 5000 were made.It was a grassroots effort. We did pass Squash by Disney Legal in California and he was approved. We offered Squash cels in paint in the animation classes at the Institute. We sold Squash maquettes (only 24 of the 250 were ever made). There was a Squash McStretch meeting room at the Institute and even Squash number plates at the offices. Squash even appeared in animated form in some of our presentations at the Disney Institute. Squash vanished from the Institute after I left in Oct 1998. I was really the only one who knew how to draw him. you can email me at Thanks, Larry

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