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PP8826     Evil Queen/Hag Framed Sketch Set

Evil Queen/Hag Framed Sketch Set

Pin Stats

  • Origin: DL - Disneyland California
  • Limited Edition: 2001
  • Year on Pin / Released:
  • SKU: 4 00003 36511 1   
  • Original Price: $95.00
  • Owns: 7
  • Wanting: 19
  • Trading: 1

Front Description

Disney Animation Sketches - Limited Edition Pin Set. Framed, matted set of two large, interlocking pins depicting the Evil Queen and her alter-ego Hag from Snow White. Backing of the pins shows animation sketches of the characters. Designed exclusively for "Off the Page" at Disney's California Adventure. From the Certificate of Authenticity: "Rough animation drawings can be packed with passion and power or can make you laugh. Animators work with rough drawings that portray action, mood, timing, weight, and volume. And every drawing must look like the character - what the Animators call being "on model." Without movement or a word of dialogue, a character drawing must convey; when the character lived, how rich or poor the character is, if the character is comic or noble, the age of the character, and if we should love or fear them." Size of sketch (in inches): 9 7/8 W x 8.0 H Pin 18456: Evil Queen pin only Pin 18457: Old Hag and Cauldron pin only Queen and Hag pins individually numbered on the back with the same xxxx/2001 number. Sketch is not numbered. Nothing on the back. Very small '© DISNEY' on the front in the lower right hand corner. Size of Edition: 2001 Artist Proofs: 201 Total Edition Size: 2202

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