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PP8702     ProPin - Max, Goofy's Son - Performing

ProPin - Max, Goofy's Son -  Performing

Pin Stats

  • Origin: Sedesma / ProPin
  • Limited Edition: Open
  • Year on Pin / Released: Unknown
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  • Original Price: $
  • Owns: 18
  • Wanting: 20
  • Trading: 1

Front Description

Max - the son of Goofy - has has shades on as he performs with a spotlight on him. Max faces left, has sunglassses on and a yellow body suit; his left hand holds a microphone and his right hand is raised over his head with the thumb up and pointer finger pointing left. The scene is shown from overhead, so his left hand looks huge ... as large as the rest of his body. Set #9386, Goofy walking #7998, Max looking cool #8706, Goofy with fishing gear #7482, Max dressed as Power Line #8702, Goofy Head #8707, Max on skateboard #1134, Roxanne #9454, Max with flowers #5039, Goofy with map #8708.

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