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PP8560     MGM Motor Parade Monsters Inc.

MGM Motor Parade Monsters Inc.

Pin Stats

  • Origin:
  • Limited Edition: Open
  • Year on Pin / Released: 2001
  • SKU: 400109 692777   
  • Original Price: $10.50
  • Owns: 53
  • Wanting: 21
  • Trading: 7

Front Description

This is one a series of rack pins released at WDW to commemorate the Disney ~ MGM Stars and Motor Cars Parade. Each pin has characters from various Disney animated movies. They are riding in a car (truck) designed just for their particular movie. All the wheels spin. This one is from Monsters Inc. Has Sulley in the car and Mike appears to be standing on the door. The car looks like a machine. The back end door machine on it with the part picks up the doors (this swivels) over Sulley's head. The colors of the car are purple and chrome.

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