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PP75544     Haunted Mansion - Characters in Stretching Room - Goofy on Dynamite (PRE PRODUCTION/PROTOTYPE)

Haunted Mansion - Characters in Stretching Room - Goofy on Dynamite (PRE PRODUCTION/PROTOTYPE)

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Front Description

**This is the Pre Production/Prototype version of pin 70026** This open edition pin collection features the Disney characters in the stretching portraits found inside The Haunted Mansion® Attraction. This pin features Goofy standing on a barrel of dynamite. There are four (4) pins in this collection. SIZE (in inches): 1.25 W x 3.25 H This silver finished pin is mostly all 'hard enamel'. Two stencil elemants: the 'DANGER' sticker and the sparks from the lit fuse. Goofy is featured dressed as the partially dressed suited gentleman who is standing on top of a barrel of dynamite. Unlike the gentleman in the actual streching portrait whose underwear is white with verticle red stripes, Goofy's underwear is white with red hearts. Two pin backs, aligned vertically along the center back of the pin. Top post just a 0.75 inches down from the top of the pin, bottom post is just a bit more than 1.0 inches up from the bottom of the pin. Pattern on the back of the pin is rows of MM Head icons, each one rotated 180 degrees from the one next to it. This waffeling pattern is everyplace on the back of the pin except where the copyright information is. Copyright information is located between the two posts and consists of three boxes, each recessed a bit. top box: 2009 ODPT MM Head logo middle box: FIRST RELEASE bottom box: © Disney (no space between the '©' and 'Disney', just added one here for clarity) China Copyright information is not identical for the 4 pins in this series. It is identical for the pins featuring Minnie, Daisy, and Goofy, but a bit different for the pin with the Mickey, Donald, and Goofy totem. Pins in series: #70024, #70025, #70026, #70027. Released at Disneyland during the O'Pin House event; released at WDW on January 16th, 2010 for $7.95. This pin is stamped PP on the back

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