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PP6423     TDR - Minnie Mouse - 18th Anniversary Puzzle - From a Pin Frame Set - TDL

TDR - Minnie Mouse - 18th Anniversary Puzzle - From a Pin Frame Set - TDL

Pin Stats

  • Origin: Japan - (TDL, JDS, JDR, TDS, TDR)
  • Limited Edition: LE 1000
  • Year on Pin / Released:
  • SKU: 0400110110178   
  • Original Price: 10000 ¥ / Set
  • Owns: 2
  • Wanting: 2
  • Trading: 0

Front Description

This pin, featuring Minnie Mouse, is one piece of the framed puzzle pin set, #6420, of the 18th anniversary sold by TDL. This pin, featuring Minnie Mouse in front of an unidentified building, is one piece of a puzzle pin framed set (#6420) celebrating the 18th Anniversary of Tokyo Disneyland; it was sold in the park. Minnie, left, is posing with her arms out to both sides. The building is yellow with white columns and red roof, with a green shape (trees maybe) behind it. A large "18th" in red is in the center with black Mickey Mouse ears perched on top of the "8". "ANNIVERSARY" is in red below, followed by "APRIL 15, 2001" in white and the "Tokyo Disneyland" logo in gold at the bottom. The background is a deep blue. The pin is basically rectangular with some slants and appears as the part of the "1" in the framed set. The pin measures 2 1/8" (53 mm) tall and 1 3/4" (44 mm) wide. The back has a double post and the backstamp is, "Limited Edition, © Disney." Other pins in the set are found from (#6422) through (#6429).

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