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PP61043     Mouse Ears People - Americana

Mouse Ears People - Americana

Pin Stats

  • Origin: Multiple
  • Limited Edition: Open
  • Year on Pin / Released: See Below
  • SKU: See Below   
  • Original Price: $6.95
  • Owns: 67
  • Wanting: 18
  • Trading: 15

Front Description

This pin features a cartoon figure wearing a set of patriotic Mickey Mouse ears in red, white and blue. The right side of the pin reads U.S.A. (USA) in white and the left side of the pin has white stars. The base metal is gold Pins in this series include: 60431, 61043, 61044, 61045. Mouse Ears people are done in the style of an ART Toy-Do it yourself toy A growing trend of collecting and trading. These have the same style body, only with the iconic Disney mouse ears instead of other styles of head shapes. The word "vinylmation" has been added to the description for search purposes. DLR: 04/27/2008, #13600233 WDW: 04/08/2008, #10980450 WDW: 12/16/2008, SKU 10975579, $8.95 ****************** Scrapper Alert: The font of the year on the back is different than the font on other legit pins.

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