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PP61032     The Mickey Mint - $100 Dollar Bill (Donald Duck)

The Mickey Mint - $100 Dollar Bill (Donald Duck)

Pin Stats

  • Origin: Multiple
  • Limited Edition: Open
  • Year on Pin / Released: See below
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  • Original Price: $6.95
  • Owns: 87
  • Wanting: 23
  • Trading: 16

Front Description

You can't get these bills from an ATM machine! In this pin collection, the Disney characters appear on money from the Mickey Mint. Donald Duck is featured on the one hundred dollar bill dressed as Benjamin Franklin. Above Donald is "MAIN STREET RESERVE NOTE", and there is a Mickey icon above Scrooge McDuck's signature on the left side of the pin. A drawing of Tinker Bell is on both sides, between the denomination numbers. There are six pins in this collection: 60989, 61025, 61029, 61030, 61031 and 61032. DLR - 05/02/2008, SKU: 4113138 WDW - 05/06/2008, SKU: 400109733418 **************** Moderator Update November 24, 2010 Be aware that this pin is being offered for sale directly to pin collectors from a factory in China. As such no one can guarantee the authenticity of this pin.

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