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PP585     TDR - Minnie Mouse - Kabuki - TDL

TDR - Minnie Mouse - Kabuki - TDL

Pin Stats

  • Origin: Japan - (TDL, JDS, JDR, TDS, TDR)
  • Limited Edition: Open
  • Year on Pin / Released:
  • SKU: 0400100086285   
  • Original Price: 400 Yen
  • Owns: 54
  • Wanting: 7
  • Trading: 12

Front Description

This pin depicts Minnie wearing a traditional Kabuki costume in black, pink, and gold. Japanese writing appears in the upper right hand corner and TOKYO DISNEYLAND is imprinted on the back of the pin. In kabuki all the female roles are played by cross dressing men (onagata). So is this really Minnie or sombody dressed up like Minnie? And who might that somebody be? Pins in this series include: #584, #585, #587.

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