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PP522     WDW - Mickey Icon - Test Track

WDW - Mickey Icon - Test Track

Pin Stats

  • Origin: WDW - Walt Disney World
  • Limited Edition: Open
  • Year on Pin / Released: 2000
  • SKU: 4010929515   
  • Original Price: $ 6.50
  • Owns: 176
  • Wanting: 25
  • Trading: 37

Front Description

The yellow, black, and red Test Track logo in the shape of Mickey's head. Says EPCOT in white below the word "Track". *NOTE* This original pin is genuine cloisonné and the refresher is not. The back stamps are different. The 2000 stamp has a Disney Made in China backstamp. The original has a smooth rounded surface, the refresher is not as smooth and has a flat surface. Depending which year you purchase this will depend on the date stamp on the back. Lanyard refresher - 2004 backstamp ************ Be advised that there is a smaller version of this pin that is being sold directly from China to individuals not associated with Disney. These mini pins are not authorized Disney pins.

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