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PP46397     Fifinella Wings - WASP

Fifinella Wings - WASP

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During WWII, the Disney Studio artists created numerous mascot designs for the U.S. military. Fifinella was a female gremlin who prevented the bad male gremlins from causing malfunctions in aircraft. The WASP's (Women's Air Service Pilots) delivered aircraft from the factories to the Army Air Corps and towed targets for live fire gunnery practice, thus freeing more male pilots for combat duty. There were many who resented them for this. Some WASP's were killed in accidents. Fifinella was their mascot. This pin is new and not an antique but is a replica of original WWII Disney design attached to pilots' wings. Blue background, clear epoxy, pewter colored wings, no writing on the back, pin on a pin, about 3 inches wide.

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