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PP46372     Bootleg - Mickey MouseTokyo Disneyland

Bootleg - Mickey MouseTokyo Disneyland

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Front Description

This pin has Mickey Mouse dressed as a pirate. The back of this pin says (c) Disney Tokyo. Mickey's outfit is mostly green and he is wearing a hat that has the McDonald's golden arches on it. Mickey's pants are blue and he is wearing a red bandana. Below Mickey's feet there is a Mickey head icon and next to the icon it reads "Tokyo Disneyland". This is very similar to pin #26896. The difference between the two pins is that this pin also has a Coca Cola bottle on the right hand side. The lines of this pin are in gold. It is also similar to pin #10031; that pin has Mickey wearing a mostly light blue pirate outfit; lines on that pin are done in black. From Administration: This pin is a bootleg pin, as there never was nor is an entity of Disney Tokyo.

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