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PP34499     DLR - Donald Duck - Kite - Cast Lanyard Series 3

DLR - Donald Duck - Kite - Cast Lanyard Series 3

Pin Stats

  • Origin: DL - Disneyland California
  • Limited Edition: Open
  • Year on Pin / Released: 2004
  • SKU:   
  • Original Price: $ Trade only
  • Owns: 148
  • Wanting: 28
  • Trading: 11

Front Description

Donald Duck has his face on a kite. The pin itself is shaped like a kite. The colors are dark blue and light blue with Donald's face on it. Pins in the DLR CLS Kite Series include: #34255, #34496, #34497, #34498, #34499, #34500. One Member adds: The base metal is silver or pale gold and the surface areas are not totally filled in with the colored enamel. Also, some are found with surface scuff/scratch lines running in one direction as is typical with many bootlegs/scrappers. Also: Eyes and center of tongue are not black on the scrapper, the tail of the kite has way too thick a gold trim as compared to the correct Disney pin which is the pin pictured on this page. I also noticed Donald's Bill is a little more yellowish. The scrapper version of this pin is very similar to the untrained eye. The gold metal is slightly lighter in color and the pin is an ever so slightly bit lighter in weight and thickness.

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