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PP32559     WWII Women's Army Service Pilot Pin WASP-Blue Background

WWII Women's Army Service Pilot Pin WASP-Blue Background

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Front Description

Identical to Pin #12274, except this one has a blue background. For a description, I will quote that pin. "America's women go to war - - - Beautiful pin for Army Air Force Women's Service Pilots --- WASPs --- done in colorful, high quality enamels. Depicts woman with goggles and wings. Believed design was done by Walt Disney Studios in WWII. It is over 1" tall with 5 different colors and silver edging. Badge has military style single post clutchback fastener. May have been a reunion pin because condition is near new. . . . . .WASPs were known for ferrying warpalnes from factories to air bases and they also had the fun job of towing targets for anti-aircraft crews to fire at." This gremlin's name is Fifinella.

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