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PP22414     WDCC 5 pin Classic Mickey set

WDCC 5 pin Classic Mickey set

Pin Stats

  • Origin: Multiple
  • Limited Edition: Open
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  • Owns: 12
  • Wanting: 3
  • Trading: 7

Front Description

This is almost identical to the set featured as #2345. However the middle pin is different. Instead of the black and white logo, it has another Mickey pin where he is wearing a blue tie and holding a yellow book with the green signature sign off to his left. Was also given out with purchase of a Classics sculpture. This set was given out exclusively at DSs and Disney Galleries. It could not be obtained from independent WDCC dealers. This set came in a beautiful, lined velvet box. The inside lining has the words "Classics Walt Disney Collection" in gold ink. This was obtained by me directly from the Disney Gallery in Las Vegas, NV. There apparently has been two sets that were given out.

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