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PP22376     Sedesma - Mulan Face

Sedesma - Mulan Face

Pin Stats

  • Origin: Sedesma / ProPin
  • Limited Edition: Open
  • Year on Pin / Released: 1987-1999
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  • Original Price: $
  • Owns: 19
  • Wanting: 15
  • Trading: 4

Front Description

This pin of Mulan shows her all dressed up and ready to meet the matchmaker (minus the white makeup). This soft enamel pin is from Sedesma in Spain. This pin is very similar to Pin 3838, but this one was made by Sedesma (not ProPin) and there are various differences besides the backstamp. At 42 mm, this pin is larger than Pin 3838 (which is 36 mm). This pin has raised "outlines" and the colors in "valleys," whereas Pin 3838 has a smooth finish. The colors, highlights and other details (e.g., the size and shape of Mulan's eyes and lips) are very slightly different. Set #159904, Cri Kee #6534, Mulan Face #22376, Ping Face #22377, Li Shang #22378, Little Brother #22379. Other pins in the Sedesma set include Cri-Kee (#6534), Mulan as Ping (#22376), Capt. Li Shang (#22377), and Little Brother (#22379).

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