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PP20302     Tigger Name Brooch Jewelry

Tigger Name Brooch Jewelry

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Front Description

This is a goldtone jewelry pin. 2"x1". Tigger is standing in front of his name in a frame. This pin has Disney stamped on the back. Similar to (#78049) except it appears to be more simplified than (#78049) with no texture on the background and more of a satin gold look to it. The pin measures 2 1/8" (54 mm) wide by 1 1/8" (29 mm) tall and it extends outward in 3D by nearly 5/8" (15 mm). The pinback is a long straight back jewelry style with clasp. The reverse carries a simple "© Disney," which pre-dates when Disney was required to have "© A.A. Milne and E.H. Shepard" on their pins.

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