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PP20153     DL - King - King Arthur Carousel Horse

DL - King - King Arthur Carousel Horse

Pin Stats

  • Origin: DL - Disneyland California
  • Limited Edition: LE 1500
  • Year on Pin / Released: 2003
  • SKU: 40006598707   
  • Original Price: $ $8.50
  • Owns: 44
  • Wanting: 20
  • Trading: 5

Front Description

This is the sixth pin in this series of carousel horses. This one is of King. All of these carousel horse pins are decorated identically to their counterpart on the carousel at Disneyland. Here is what it says on the back of the pin-card: "In 1924, Disney scouts located a vintage carrousel in Sunnyside Park in Toronto, Canada. It was dismantled and shipped to California. It is the only attraction not specifically designed for the park." Fun Fact: The Carrousel painter's work is never done. At the rate of 40 painting hours per horse, it requires several years to repaint all of them. Pins included in this series are #16603, #16604, #17754, #18584, #19300, #20153.

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