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PP20079     Atlanta 1996 - AT&T Brick Program

Atlanta 1996 - AT&T Brick Program

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Front Description

This pin was given to employees and their familes, at a party that was at Olympic Centennial Park, just before the summer games started. It was a GWP pin, that you got, when you purchased a personalized brick, that would be laid in the park. It has the Atlanta skyline in purple. In between the building is a large brick, with the Atlanta flame on it in gold. Below that is a gold arch with Centennial Olympic PArk, Brick Program. Then below the arch is a white section with AT&T and the AT&T blue logo. On the back is the following: #5110443, 1992 ACOG. The brick program pin, comes in many different looks. They all have the same top portion of the pin. But in the white section it would have a different sponsor (like Home Depot, UPS, etc..). Or they would have no white section at all. It all depened on where and when you bought your brick.

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