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PP19502     Disney Auctions - Alphabet Pin - E (Eeyore) Prototype

Disney Auctions - Alphabet Pin - E (Eeyore) Prototype

Pin Stats

  • Origin: Disney Auctions
  • Limited Edition: LE 10
  • Year on Pin / Released:
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  • Owns: 8
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Front Description

This is a det of 3 protype pins that I got from Disney Auctions. They are prototypes of the Eeyore "E" pin from the alphabet series. The first one is made of black metal and looks just like the "E" pin that was released (7801). The second one is an exact duplicate of 7801. The pin is made of gold metal. The third one is made from black metal. This pin is not completely edged out of the metal. There is black metal between Eeyore and the E and between one of Eeyore's ears. Also Eeyore's tummy is filled with blue instead of purple like on the other 2 pins. His back legs are filled in the revers of the other 2 with the blue on the inside and purple on the outside.

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