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PP19469     Foolish Mortals & A.D.D. Mystery House Tour

Foolish Mortals & A.D.D. Mystery House Tour

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  • Year on Pin / Released: 1999
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Front Description

This is a fan-produced button. It measures 1.25" in diameter. The center reads in large white letters "Mystery House Tour 8-13-99". In red letters at the top is "Foolish Mortals" and in red at the bottom is "Bay Area A.D.D.ers". On Friday August 13th, 1999, posters to the alt.disney.disneyland Internet newsgroup met with members of the Haunted Mansion electronic mail list (affectionately known as Foolish Mortals) in San Jose, California for dinner and a flashlight tour of the Winchester Mystery House. Lani Teshima, one of the attendees, made these buttons to commemorate the event. The Winchester House, purported to be haunted by the ghost of Mrs. Sarah Winchester, offers tours by flashlight during Halloween season and on each Friday the 13th.

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