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PP19450     Monogram - Minnie Mouse Series (Winking)

Monogram - Minnie Mouse Series (Winking)

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Front Description

This pin has Minnie winking. She is standing in a darling pose, with a purple top, hat and shoes, and pink bottoms. There is a geometric background with green and orange. On it is a heart, flower and swirling shape. They are all from the Disney Corner Stores in the Middle East region (specifically the United Arab Emirates chain that had 4 stores in the country & VAST warehouses full of all sorts of stuff) The pins were distributed in 1992/93 through Key Largo Florida by Monogram Inc (who did most of the Disney pins at that time) & manufactured in China. From what I understand from the regional Disney office in the Middle East, the store stock licensing was only for the Middle East & Asia regions, so many of these pins were not seen Stateside at all or are very rare to find here. The stores unfortunately closed back in 1999, so the stock just lays there in the warehouses... (it was a franchise chain that paid Disney upfront for all the goods & are now stuck with the $500,000 leftovers with no store to sell out of!) Pins included in this series are: #6776, #19447, #19448, #19449, #19450.

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