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PP165540     DEC - Buzz Lightyear 1995 - Commemorative Pixar Stamps - Set 1 - Toy Story

DEC - Buzz Lightyear 1995 - Commemorative Pixar Stamps - Set 1 - Toy Story

Pin Stats

  • Origin: DEC - Disney Employee Center
  • Limited Edition: LE 250
  • Year on Pin / Released: 2024
  • SKU: 400000200507   
  • Original Price: $ 24.95
  • Owns: 5
  • Wanting: 11
  • Trading: 0

Front Description

Flyer art will be replaced when a photo of the actual pin is available. Color and details may vary. One of 10 pins from the PIXAR COMMEMORATIVE STAMPS Set 1 released by DEC on 13 June 2024. Each rectangular pin resembles a U.S. postage stamp with gold-trimmed, perforated edges. The background is white and contains a slim, gold-rimmed inner box on the left with a glittery colored background. The movie's release year runs down the right side, a gold outline filled with the same color as the background behind the characters. The pin-on-pin character face right in full profile. This pin features Buzz Lightyear, the space ranger from Disney's animated 1995 film, "Toy Story", on a glitter-filled blue background. Pin measures 1.67 x 2.25 inches. Characters: Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story, Jessie from Toy Story 2, Mike from Monsters Inc, Edan Mode from The Incredibles, Russell from UP, Lotso from Toy Story 3, Joy from Inside Out, Dory from Finding Nemo, Jack-Jack from The Incredibles, Ember from Elemental. Set: #165540, #165541, #165542, #165543, #165544, #165545, #165546, #165547, #165548, #165549

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