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PP165471     HKDL - Nick Wilde - Polaroid Instant Camera - Pin Trading Carnival 2022 - Zootopia

HKDL - Nick Wilde - Polaroid Instant Camera - Pin Trading Carnival 2022 - Zootopia

Pin Stats

  • Origin: HKDL - Disney Hong Kong
  • Limited Edition: LE 400
  • Year on Pin / Released: 2022
  • SKU:   
  • Original Price: HK$ Prize
  • Owns: 3
  • Wanting: 3
  • Trading: 1

Front Description

One of ten LE400 POLAROID INSTANT CAMERA pins released during the 2022 Pin Trading Carnival at Hong Kong Disneyland. FOUR pins were available for purchase or as part of the Pre-sale "Value Package". 150 of each of the four were reserved for pre-sale vouchers, the other 250 each for retail sale at HK$219. The other SIX were prizes for people who participated in event games. Each pin is shaped like a Polaroid Instant Camera with its iconic white-bordered photo as a slider (moving in and out). The camera is themed after the character shown on its photo and has printed details. This pin was a prize for the Lucky Draw game. It features Nick Wilde from Disney's animated "Zootopia". The camera is green, with screen printed floral accents that match Nick Wilde’s shirt. There is a yellow square for the flash. There is a circle that matches the pattern on Nick Wilde’s tie below the flash. It is dark blue, light blue and red striped. The photo-paper printed picture that slides out has Nick on it, wearing his classic green floral shirt and tie, in front of a purple background. Charcters in the series include Donald Duck, Lotso, Dumbo, Nick, Judy, Scrump, Stitch, Marie, Winnie the Pooh, and LGM. #149881, #149882, #149883, #165471, #148347, #148348, #148349

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