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PP164085     DL - Daughters of King Triton Set - Hidden Mickey 2015

DL - Daughters of King Triton Set - Hidden Mickey 2015

Pin Stats

  • Origin: DL - Disneyland California
  • Limited Edition: Open
  • Year on Pin / Released: 2015
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  • Original Price: $
  • Owns: 9
  • Wanting: 5
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Front Description

This seven-pin Daughters of King Triton set of 2015 Hidden Mickey pins was released in Wave B at Disneyland. Each pin features the smiling face of one of King Triton’s daughters, Ariel’s sisters, from the Disney animated film, Little Mermaid. The pins are shaped like clam shells, from which background frame the top half of each girl appears to pop out. All of the mermaids appear to be lounging, bodies leaning to the left, with their heads turned slightly over their right shoulders and staring straight at you. The small Hidden Mickey icon can be found in different places on the solid-color backgrounds. The five common pins include Adella, Aquata, Alana, Arista, and Andrina. Alana is repeated on the silver Chaser pin. The Completer pin features Attina. Set #164085, #111888, #111889, #111944, #112217, #112218, #112223, #127124

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