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PP159389     DLP - Sadness - Inside Out - Flying A Kite

DLP - Sadness - Inside Out - Flying A Kite

Pin Stats

  • Origin: DLP - Disneyland Paris (DLRP)
  • Limited Edition: LE 700
  • Year on Pin / Released: 2022
  • SKU: 2078210220677   
  • Original Price: € 20
  • Owns: 21
  • Wanting: 4
  • Trading: 7

Front Description

Sadness from the movie Inside Out lies sadly on her kite, one arm under her chin, the other extended next to her body over the kite. She is blue with dark blue hair and blue wire glasses. She is wearing a white jumper sweater and dark blue pants. The kite is white with a drawing of a gray rain cloud. The tail of the kite ends with a blue memory orb, along the way there are 4 small chains, each ending with a blue chip. The kite measures approximately 6cm x 4cm. Series: Piglet #152329, Stitch #152711, Elsa #153445, Poppins #153766, Alice #154145, Hook #156476, Donald #157375, Chip/Dale #157376, Sadness #159389, Pinocchio #159860, Dumbo #162035

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