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PP156147     DLP - Avengers - Quinjet Flight Crew Shield

DLP - Avengers - Quinjet Flight Crew Shield

Pin Stats

  • Origin: DLP - Disneyland Paris (DLRP)
  • Limited Edition: Open
  • Year on Pin / Released: 2022
  • SKU: 2078010220358   
  • Original Price: € 11/2
  • Wanting: 4
  • Trading: 1

Front Description

This pin is part of a 2-pin set released when the Avengers Campus opened in Disneyland Paris June 2022. The pin depicts the logo of the Quinjet Flight Crew and features a drawing of the aircraft diving surrounded by a white out-line mentioning in the top "model no." and "A61-6902" on either side. Above this trianglish bottom comes a rectangular sign, mentioning "Avengers" (silver), "Quinjet" (large white lettering) and "Flight crew", one below the other. Except mentioned otherwise all coloring on this pin are different shades from gray blue to dark blue. Only 2 short narrow red pieces of outline show near the point of the quinjet. Pin dimensions approximately: W 4cm x H 5cm. Set #156146, Shield #156147, Emblem #156148.

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