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PP155461     DS - Quasimodo - VHS Set - Hunchback of Notre Dame

DS - Quasimodo - VHS Set - Hunchback of Notre Dame

Pin Stats

  • Origin: DIS - Disney Store / Shop Disney
  • Limited Edition: Limited Release LR
  • Year on Pin / Released: 2022
  • SKU: 465056454793 65   
  • Original Price: $ 34.95
  • Wanting: 5
  • Trading: 5

Front Description

DS VHS Hunchback of Notre Dame and Quasimodo two pin set. Pin one: raised texture Quasimodo smiling with green eyes, green shirt and boots, and brown pants. Pin two: Hunchback of Notre Dame VHS tape featuring Esmeralda, Quasimodo jumping from the cathedral with the gargoyles looking on from the right and Frollo scowling above the title. When opened, gold-toned metal case on left features raised gold-tone Laverne gargoyle. Black VHS tape with text A Walt Disney Classic Hunchback of Notre Dame on the right. Individual pins: Quasimodo #154724 VHS #154725

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