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PP147862     WDI - Jafar and Iago - Villains and Sidekicks

WDI - Jafar and Iago - Villains and Sidekicks

Pin Stats

  • Origin: WDI - Walt Disney Imagineering
  • Limited Edition: LE 300
  • Year on Pin / Released: 2019
  • SKU: 400910165491   
  • Original Price: $ $24.95
  • Wanting: 13
  • Trading: 7

Front Description

This pin is part of a set that was released at Mickey’s of Glendale during D23 Expo 2019. This pin features Jafar from the movie, Aladdin. He's joined by his sidekick, Iago. Jafar is wearing a black, gold and red headdress with black robe with a yellow collar, dark red sleeves and dark red sash. His cape is black and reddish orange inside. He's holding his gold snake head staff. Iago is dark yellow, red, bright blue and orange. Series: Scar/Hyenas #147781, Medusa/Nero/Brutus #139350, Lady Tremaine/Lucifer #138863, Queen of Hearts/King #137592, Hades/Pain/Panic #146618, Ratigan/Fidget #138446, Dr Facilier/Shadows #146664, Jafar/Iago #147862, Horned King/Creeper #147863, Percival/Joanna #147864, Hook/Smee #156334, Maleficent/Diablo #157526

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