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PP145810     DLP - Genie Bee - Applause

DLP - Genie Bee - Applause

Pin Stats

  • Origin: DLP - Disneyland Paris (DLRP)
  • Limited Edition: LE 700
  • Year on Pin / Released: 2020
  • SKU: 2078210200327   
  • Original Price: €16
  • Wanting: 16
  • Trading: 10

Front Description

One of the two pins released on December 11, 2021 as the start of a monthly series at Disneyland Paris, delayed by previous park closures. The pin comes on a black background card with a purple Genie print and a blue title: Applause, referring to Genie's transformation scene in the movie Aladdin. This pin shows a little bee with Genie's head flying to the right. The bottom of the pin is double layered, part of the blue background cloud, which also contains the golden lamp. Trim and back of the pin gold tone. . Pin dimensions: W 4.5cm x H 6cm. Pins in the series: Bee #145810, Shower #145811, Apron #145881, Dancing #147065, Arrow #147066, Flight attendant #147067, Slot #147068, Magician #147881, Belly Dancer #147882, Parade #148417, Tourist #148418, Presenter #149761, Cheerleader #149762, Tailor #150466, Sheep #150467, Frenchman #151051, Waiter #151053.

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