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PP131950     DLP - Astrocoupe - Autopia Maintenance Crew Pin

DLP - Astrocoupe - Autopia Maintenance Crew Pin

131950 - DLP - Astrocoupe - Autopia Maintenance Crew Pin 131950 - DLP - Astrocoupe - Autopia Maintenance Crew Pin

Pin Stats

  • Origin: DLP - Disneyland Paris (DLRP)
  • Limited Edition: Undefined
  • Year on Pin / Released: 2018
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  • Original Price: $ Not for sale
  • Owns: 5
  • Wanting: 16
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Front Description

This rare pin is exclusive to Cast Members whose responsibility it is to maintain and repair the Autopia vehicles at the Disneyland Paris theme park. Starting in 2010 Disneyland Paris began the transformation of their vehicle fleet from gas powered to a hybrid based vehicle. It is estimated through hearsay that the edition size of this pin may be as low as 25. What the 4 means on the back of the pin is unknown, it may be an individual # that identifies each pin, say 1 through 25, but that is just conjecture. As identified on the pin, Autopia in Disneyland Paris is located in tn Discoveryland, their version of Tomorrowland. Round white pin, 1 9/16" in diameter, Autopia in purple is spelled out at the top, *Discoveryland* is spelled out in black on the bottom. A capital D in a futuristic yet retro signed swirling graphic/crest is just under Autopia. The crest may represent the statue at Discoveryland's entrance or the architecture on the Autopia buildings. A green, pin-on-pin car, called "Astrocoupes" at DLP with the word hybrid (in the same green, undereneeth it is the main focus of the pin. Hybrid appears to actually be the car's charging cable (wall outlet at the start and ending by the cable running into the car). At DLP the cars are more rounded to go with a 1920s retro-futuristic theme. This is also the only Autopia style attraction to have a storyline. The story was that the guests drove their cars, called "Astrocoupes", around a nearby city to Discoveryland, "Solaria".

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