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PP126351     Mowgli and King Louis - Jungle Book - 50th Anniversary

Mowgli and King Louis - Jungle Book - 50th Anniversary

Pin Stats

  • Origin: Multiple
  • Limited Edition: LE 500
  • Year on Pin / Released: 2017
  • SKU: 400020507570   
  • Original Price: 100.00/4 pin set
  • Owns: 8
  • Wanting: 10
  • Trading: 1

Front Description

This limited edition pin is part of a box set which commemorates the 50th anniversary of Disney's animated feature film, The Jungle Book. This pin is part of a four pin box set which features iconic scenes from the film. This pin depicts the man cub Mowgli dancing along with the orangutan King Louie and his trust leaf bearer, Flunkey, as they dance to the music of "I Wanna Be Like You." Mowgli and the monkeys are a pin on pin element which slide to the left, revealing Bagheera, the black jaguar, pretending to be a statue in the temple so he can save Mowgli. The grey walls and floor of the temple are a swirl fill effect. The collection is shared between DLR and WDW. Set #126346, Baloo & Mowgli #126347, Mowgli & Hathi #126348, Mowgli & Vultures #126350, Mowgli & King Louis #126351.

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