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PP122087     June 2015 Park Pack Cheshire Cat Head Only - Pre Production

June 2015 Park Pack Cheshire Cat Head Only - Pre Production

Pin Stats

  • Origin: DIS - Disney Store / Shop Disney
  • Limited Edition: AP / PP
  • Year on Pin / Released: 2015
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  • Original Price: $
  • Owns: 2
  • Wanting: 13
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Front Description

This is the Pre Production version of Pin #109533 June 2015 Park Pack Cheshire Cat Head Only. June 2015 from the DS Online's Park Pack Cheshire Cat Pin. This version has the Cheshire Cat's head floating on a black background with a pink frame. On the left there is a stack of teacups, on the right is a teapot(at the top)pouring tea into a cup at the bottom. This version is the only one that has a pink teapot. Across the bottom are the words Walt Disney's Alice in Wonderland. 2000 boxes were sold with each box containing 1 Pin LE of 500 with one of four variations and two Open Edition rack pins. On the back of the pin is stamped "PP" just to the right of Party Pack logo. Versions of this PRE-PRODUCTION piece could only be gotten off Disney Special Event Boards, it is estimated 1-2% of the production run of 500 (only 5-10 pins) exist.

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