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PP122078     DSSH - Jack Sparrow - Dead Men Tell No Tales

DSSH - Jack Sparrow - Dead Men Tell No Tales

Pin Stats

  • Origin: DSSH - Disney Studio Store Hollywood
  • Limited Edition: LE 300
  • Year on Pin / Released: 2017
  • SKU: 400909126731   
  • Original Price: $16.95
  • Owns: 12
  • Wanting: 11
  • Trading: 8

Front Description

The Jack Sparrow Offset pin was released with the online sales of the Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales pin release at the Disney Studio Store Hollywood. This is a limited edition Pirates of the Caribbean framed offset photo/portrait of Captain Jack Sparrow. The frame is sculpted metal with sharks, skulls wearing bandanas, cross-bones, and sparrows. The photo is mainly comprised of Jack Sparrow from the chest up. He is wearing his captain's hat. His left hand and index finger indicate for us to keep quiet. His portion of the image is on a "starry" night background. The bottom portion of the image starts about 3/4 of the way down and is in white cropping Jack's image with white silhouettes of 2 ships on the high seas with 3 black sharks below Jack's hand on the white background. There is a blue graphic design (a shark) overlaying portions of Jack's hand, the ship on the right, the sharks and across portions of the white area at the bottom of the image. The frame and backside of the pin are a pewter type metal. The bottom center of the frame uses the skull and cross bones instead of the repeating skull. The top center of the frame shows a small bird with twin tails on top of a half sun (Sparrow's tattoo). The back of the pin has 2 posts with the standard ice cream cone background pattern. "FAC-036223-17089" is stamped in black ink vertical on the right of the logo text box which starts the Disney Studio Store Hollywood logo followed by "Limited Edition 300", "©Disney", and "China". Pin backs are the standard mickey head backs. The backing card is specially designed with a navigation map with the star chart prominently featured. All the lettering on the front is reflective gold with DSSH logo at the top and the film title/logo at the bottom (Disney Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Men Tell No Tales). The backside is a solid plain beige-like color used in the front side. The FAC number is printed in the bottom left corner. Bottom center shows the Bruckheimer film logo icon (no text) with "©Disney", "Made in China" underneath. Pin and card comes in a custom fit plastic sleeve that folds to the backside and has the white sticker with SKU number and price on it positioned at the bottom right. Silent Mary Emblem #122180, Shark Skull #121948, Marquee #121916, GWP #121904, Henry Playing Card #122076, Carina Playing Card #122077, Jack Sparrow #122078, Black Pearl #122079

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