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PP116331     DLP - Cast Member 2016 Pin Trading Pin - Dory

DLP - Cast Member 2016 Pin Trading Pin - Dory

Pin Stats

  • Origin: DLP - Disneyland Paris (DLRP)
  • Limited Edition: 3016
  • Year on Pin / Released: 2016
  • SKU: 2078210160416   
  • Original Price: € 5,00
  • Wanting: 42
  • Trading: 11

Front Description

This is a Cast member pin showing Dory. It is being released to Cast members on July 7, 2016. The words Cast Member appear at the top in white on a blue background. At the bottom the words Disneyland Paris 2016 appear in white lettering. There is a gold banner across the pin with a small castle on one side and the Earful Tower on the other.

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