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PP10887     WDW - Mickey Mouse - Earforce One - Circle

WDW - Mickey Mouse - Earforce One - Circle

Pin Stats

  • Origin: WDW - Walt Disney World
  • Limited Edition: -1
  • Year on Pin / Released:
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  • Owns: 6
  • Wanting: 9
  • Trading: 3

Front Description

This pin has a picture of redish orange Mickey Mouse head shaped air balloon with letting that say Earforce One Walt Disney World around the outer part of the circular pin. This pin was given to the Earforce One crew members. These pins were taken on "Target Marketing" tours and handed out to special guests, and a few on-lookers. The crew and Disney support staff were each given one if they wished. These will yellow with age as many of these enamel coated bubble-type pins do if not well protected. The pin is affixed with a straight safety clasp pin across the back.

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