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PP10821     Tinker Bell Letter 'I' Name Pin

Tinker Bell Letter 'I' Name Pin

Pin Stats

  • Origin: Other
  • Limited Edition: 1953
  • Year on Pin / Released: 2002
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  • Original Price: $
  • Owns: 0
  • Wanting: 2
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Front Description

This is from a pin series that features all of the letters in Tinker Bell's name. This is the "i" pin. The letter I is gold and Tinker Bell (a full figure) is sitting at the lower bottom of the pin with her legs crossed at the knees, sitting Indian style. Her light blue wings are fully extended beside her. Both arms are resting forward on her ankles. A mad look is on her face. Produced and sold in Europe. Measures approx 1" in height. Set #15826, T #10861, I #10821, N #10822, K #10782, E #10781, R #10780, B #10779, E #10747, L #10746, L #10726

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