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PP106956     Cast Member - Need A Hug? Ursula

Cast Member - Need A Hug? Ursula

Pin Stats

  • Origin: Multiple
  • Limited Edition: Open
  • Year on Pin / Released: 2014
  • SKU: 400008091916   
  • Original Price: $8.55
  • Owns: 24
  • Wanting: 12
  • Trading: 5

Front Description

This pin features Ursula the Sea Witch from the Little Mermaid. It is pin on pin, with a silver tone. On the back, the Mickey head embossing goes all the way off the edge of the pin on both pieces, and there are two horizontally centered pin posts towards the edges with no nubs. The top center box, on the back, is the 2014 pin trading logo. The one underneath it, is a long rectangular box, and reads DISNEY PARKS CAST EXCLUSIVE. Under that one, towards the bottom, is another small box that reads ©Disney, China. To the right of that box is the serial number, which is printed in black letters: P923-3170-4-14224. * The areas in her tentacles, that seem like a deep purple, are lighter than the photo shows. WDW price $9.95

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