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PP106819     Pocahontas Gold Border Series - Kocoum

Pocahontas Gold Border Series - Kocoum

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Front Description

Kocoum, Pocahontas’ fiance, is shown from chest up on this design. He is turned slightly to the left. It is a similar in pose to #14685. The Pocahontas native American has his arms crossed; no clothing is shown, so only his brown skin and long black hair. He has a small necklace on with small pendants; he also has a single feather in his hair. Hair has blue lines in it. Gold border around everything. It is part of a series of at least five Pocahontas pins from an unknown origin. The pin measures slightly more than 1 inch (26 mm) wide by 1 inch (25 mm) tall. The reverse is a shiny gold with post back and nub. The pattern is repeating “© Disney.” Pins in this series: #106817-106821

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