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PP10434     JDS - Chip - Janken - Rock, Paper, Scissors

JDS - Chip - Janken - Rock, Paper, Scissors

Pin Stats

  • Origin: Japan - (TDL, JDS, JDR, TDS, TDR)
  • Limited Edition: Open
  • Year on Pin / Released: 2002
  • SKU: 4936313751758   
  • Original Price: 800 Yen
  • Owns: 33
  • Wanting: 16
  • Trading: 7

Front Description

This pin is part of the Janken series and is of Chip holding his hand out to the side pointing two fingers (representing scissors) from the Rock, Scissors, Paper children's game. The apple above his head on a chain reads Chip. His arm is a spinner that changes to each of the phases of the game (Rock, Scissors or Paper). The Dale pin is #10757.

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