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How to Add a Pin

  1. You must be logged in to add a pin. This feature is not available to non-members.
  2. The info provided will be reviewed by an administrator but they do not have the pin in front of them so you are their eyes. Your description (front & back) is critical to making sure that the pins are entered with complete info. And the quality of the pictures matter.
  3. Step 1 is to take a good picture of the pin. The picture should have a White background, good lighting, limited shadows, high resolution and .jpg format. The picture should NOT be on card, not with pin backs on, taken through plastic or in a box. We want a picture of the pin and not the packaging. (In the future we will be able to add the pictures of the backs of the pins.) (for details see photo taking detail document)
  4. Step 2 is to crop and straighten the picture. We need the entire pin but do not need lots of background and prefer them to be level.
  5. Step 3 is to size the picture. This is done automatically when the picture is uploaded.
  6. Now you are ready to start adding a pin. If you have the pin with packaging have it with you when you enter the pin to make sure you can answer all the questions.
  7. Once logged in the top menu has a >add a pin< icon. Select it.
  8. The window shows a window which allows you to select a picture file or drag and drop (1). Once you select a photo the file name will be added (2).
  9. Add the edited photo and hit >next<. You will see a pin preview. If the picture looks good hit >next<. Another picture can be added >add another image< here too but refrain from this unless you are a seasoned user.
  10. Now you can start entering the required info. Start with the title. TITLES: The Title must include: Origin (WDI, WDW, Paris, Shanghai, Hidden Disney, etc) - If the origin is unknown or multiple leave it blank. Follow the origin with the Primary Character - followed by Film or grouping name (mystery box, starter) WDW – Tinker Bell – Peter Pan Mystery Auctions – Jessica Rabbit – Sitting on Piano Do not put parenthesis, quotation marks, the words Pin, Series, Disney, Collection or ONLY in the Title. Use the word “Set” when the item is sold together and the set is complete in the picture. An individual pin is not a Set. Please include the Set # in your description (if available) for the individual pins from a set. If it is new submit the set and individual pins at the same time, the admins know how to link all the items.
  11. Add the description of what is on the front of the pin. This is important because sometimes the camera and lighting distort the colors. Also some may not know the characters on the pin. You have the pin… describe what you see to someone who doesn’t have the pin. When there are limited or incomplete descriptions written of the pins the Staff has to do this which slows down the approval process. We may not have the pin. Descriptions should include who or what is on the pin, what they are doing and wearing, background color and shape, any wording that is on the pin and where it is located. Any moving parts, glitter, stained glass, dangles should also be described. The size or dimensions of the pin are always helpful.
  12. Describe the pin back. The Boxes, the year, Edition Size, Color of the base metal, pattern (waffle, auction, hat, etc) on the back should be included. Photos of the back of pins may be added at a later time.
  13. The next is Origin… This should match up to the title (if known). This is a search function.
  14. Add the type… its either a pin, merchandise or a button.
  15. Add the Edition… This is the limited edition number generally stamped on the back of the pin. Open means that it is not limited.
  16. The SKU is the number on the price tag (12 digits) not the FAC which is found on the back of the pin. Some pins have multiple SKU’s because they are sold at multiple locations. The extra SKU’s will be added to the descriptions.
  17. Add the initial purchase price (if known) and select the type of currency.
  18. The Date. This is the date on the back of the pin. If there is no date on the pin (DEC type pins) then the date of release is fine. If the release date is different than the date on the pin…. that info would go into the description field. Date is the 4 digit year only.
  19. Select all the boxes that apply to the pin. If a pin is part of a set check off the series tab.
  20. When completed select the >Add Pin< and you are done. There are required fields and if they are not completed it will not let you add the pin. The info will now go to the admins for approval.
  21. You can now add another.