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This Limited Edition pin collection celebrates some of the most beloved Disney animated films. This pin feature Toy story 2 with Woody, Jessie and Bullseye running on a record.

Last Saturday DSF released their first Puzzle Set and appropriately it was a marquee. The marquee was all Pixar but one special movie was missing from the line up....Ratatouille was nowhere to be found! This of course led to a rumor that Remy and Alfredo Linguini would surly be a surprise pin. Boy was that one way off! There was a surprise pin and it everyone's amazement it was Toy Story 2. The first Beloved Tales to feature a sequel. I think it would be great if Beloved Tales were kept as surprise releases as they seem to be the most sought after set being released at DSF. let's take a closer look at this Beloved Tale! Woody, Jessie and Bullseye are three peas in a pod (get it?) having a great time dancing to the theme song for Woody's Round Up on the record player. This pin has so much movement with the three Round Up stars dancing along to and on the theme song. Woody is the signature BT pin-on-pin element and his left boot is kicked out over the base of the pin. This is so well placed that it looks like he could walk right off of the pin. Jessie and Woody are smiling and looking at each other and good old Bullseye is playing along. The background is a textured maroon with a layer of clear gloss over it. The record is a smooth black with a yellow center and the grey streaks give us the sensation that the record is spinning. All the look very much like themselves, even down to the stitching on their hats. For me this pin captures a part of the most happy scene in the movie. In Toy Story 2 Woody discovers an entire new world and he is the star of the show. When I think back to watching Toy Story 2 for the first time I was very worried that Woody would chose to stay with Jessie, Bullseye and Stinky Pete. I was wondering if Andy would ever see Woody again even if Buzz and the other toys did find him to bring him. I think that is due to the lighthearted fun that Woody had discovering "who he was". He sat glued to the television watching Woody's Roundup like a boy watching Saturday morning cartoons. He played with merchandise created around his show, remember the snakes in the boot? He was really enjoying it, now Buzz wasn't the only on with a TV show. Even though this in looks like a simple scene there is so much story captured with it, I can't think of another part in this movie that would work as well as this as a Beloved Tale. It comes on the white and gold backer card and pin is finished in silver metal and has the DSF ice cream pattern on the back. A box with Disney's Soda Fountain and Studio Store Hollywood Limited Edition 300 (c) Disney/Pixar China rests between the two posts. One last thing I have to mention is that the quality control on these pins seems to be much better than some of the recent releases from DSF. I give this pin 3 stars - disneyfreak619
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