Pin 95261 DSF Mulan Jumbo Pin (Surprise Release)

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    Disney Soda Fountain

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    February 8, 2013

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    February 8, 2013

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This Disney Soda Fountain pin commemorates Mulan, Disney's 36th animated feature released in 1998. It is a surprise pin, released on February 8, 2013 and is limited to 1 per person. This jumbo pin features Mulan in three different poses. Jumbo Mulan in the background, wearing her blue and green qipao (cheongsam). In the immediate foregound, it features Mulan as Ping, riding her horse, Khan. To the side, also in the foregound, features Mulan and her father, Fa Zhou, where she is pouring him tea. This scene is reminiscent of when Mulan pours her father tea at the temple (versus the scene after the conscription notice).

DSF really surprised all of us on Friday February 8th when they released this little beauty. I probably shouldn’t say little because this pin is HUGE! Even if you did guess a surprise pin was coming, and I think most people didn’t, no one would have guessed DSF was hiding such a giant and gorgeous pin such as this one. The pin itself measure 3 inches tall and 2.5 inches wide. This is truly a jumbo pin and the price spoke to that. Jumping up from the $12.95, the price for the other non-Marquee pins at this release, I think most people would have opted out of paying such a high price if the pin itself had been small or poorly drawn. Taking a quick look at the back of pin we find our favorite ice cream cones, the DSF logo, the Limited Edition 300, the Copyright, and two pin posts. If any pin deserves two pin posts, it’s this pin. We also see four silver metal bumps, signifying the mechanism used to hold the pin on pin element together. The pin is made from the gold metal and the one that I purchased from DSF has a noticeable border on the left hand side where the ice cream cones stop before the edge of the pin. On the right side of the back the cones go off the border. This includes the pin on pin elements, since they too have the ice cream cone stamped back. Alright, onto the good part: what I love about this pin! Besides the size, this pin boast fantastic artwork and I think any Mulan collector would be more than pleased to add this to his or her collection. The largest part of the pin is the background featuring Mulan in two shades of green. Although not a perfect recreation of the character I think this pin more than does her justice. Her lips are pouty, her nose is perfectly small, and her eyes have escaped any amount of creepiness or awkwardness. The eyes are so tough for pins, but the artist masterfully draws them on this pin! In front of Mulan we find two pin on pin elements. To the left we find Mulan in her warriors garb atop her horse, Khan. The horse is large and has all the detail from the movies. He has attitude, as seen by his facial expression, and Mulan has her full armor on. With her hair up in a bun and her hands on the reigns, this pin captures the moments of battle and fear that she had to face during the movie. The fighter in her is revealed by this pin on pin. To the right we find Mulan and her father, Fa Zhou, enjoying a cup of tea. They kneel together with their teapot and cups, discussing matters of great importance, probably her necessary marriage. The concerns are seen plainly through the lines on Fa Zhou’s face and Mulan seems to be holding her tongue as she listens to her father. This scene shows her origins and the life she gave up in order to discover her true destiny. The calm and serene background of Mulan seems to be looking over these two pin on pin scenes as if they are memories, memories about how she learned to become the woman she is today. Truly fantastic work! I don’t have much else to say, but there were two things that bugged me about this pin. One of them has to do with the artwork itself and other is something I noticed. The latter may not be a bad thing though, as we shall see in a moment. The only part of this pin I am not fond of has to be the right pin on pin. The father is excellent, the clothes are well drawn and I love that his cane is there, but I wish there was more detail on the teapot/tea cups, and Mulan’s face is a little scrunched. The other two faces stay truer to her personality and how she appeared in the movie; however, this face seems a little sloppy and rushed. I wish there was a little more detail in this one area. The second thing I noticed has to be in-between the two pin on pins. We see Mulan in her green outfit, but the way the pin on pins cover her, makes it appear as if she has quite the baby bump. Do you see it? It may just be her arm folding over her stomach, but we can’t see that. All we see is the round belly of a pregnant Mulan. Who knows? If this is a post movie Mulan looking back at her memories, then she may be pregnant and remembering the life she’s led. Just something to think about. I love this pin and I for sure want to give it 5 out of 5 pin backs for creativity, size, and all around beauty. Thanks for another fantastic pin Disney! - disneyfreak619
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