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    May 24, 2012

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Presenting a new "Piece of Disney Movies" collection. Each month in 2012 highlights a classic Disney movie and features a frame from the film. The May pin features Rapunzel, Pascal, and Eugene "Flynn Rider" Fitzherbert. The pin features an orange, yellow, and purple frame with the sun at the top. Note: Because the frames are cut from a film print, each pin will be slightly unique. Each pin is approximately 2 1/4" tall x 2 1/2" wide. Note: This pin will be shared between Disneyland® Resort and Walt Disney World® Resort. Pins in this series: January - #88108 February - #88633 March - #89141 April - #88892 May - #90007 June - #90495 July - #90441 August - #91392 September - #91393 October - #92038 November - #93075 December - #93773 - adding PODM for search purpose

Let’s take a look at one of the hottest pin releases of the year, the Piece of Disney Movie (Tangled)! Disney released this LE 2000 pin on May 24th 2012 at both Disneyland Resort (DLR) and Walt Disney World (WDW) for $24.95 a piece, and boy what a day it was. Stores around all of the parks had a stock of scenes and pin collectors ran from store to store and waited for hours in line, just for the chance to get a good scene and if you were one of the few lucky ones, you got a scene with Maximus or with Pascal. However, I’m not here to talk about the release; I’m here to discuss the one very specific scene: the hair scene! Let’s jump right into it, shall we? I personally feel Disney outdid themselves with the backer card. The size and thickness of the card really sets the tone for the quality of pin it’s carrying. The card itself has a movie theater on it, complete with silhouettes of some of our favorite characters watching Tangled. Stitch can be seen on the far left, then Donald with a soda, Mickey next to him with a bag of popcorn, and finally Goofy reaching over to snag some of Mickey’s Popcorn. The pin itself sits directly where the screen would be, so it appears as if we are getting a freeze frame of them watching the film and the scene they’re frozen on is in fact the frame we are getting on our pin! Way to go Disney on this design! Let’s take a look at this pin in two parts: the outer pin and the inner movie cel. Outer Pin: First of all talk about a giant pin! This pin is over 2 ½ inches wide and 2 ½ inches tall, and a ¼ of an inch thick! This pin is a of course a pin on pin with three separate levels. That’s why it’s so thick! The first level of the pin has the characters on it, Flynn on the left and Rapunzel on the right with Pascal on her left shoulder. The artwork for the two characters is top notch. With some Rapunzel pins like the Disney Soda Fountain (DSF) Ticket, the 110th Legacy, and the new Disneyland Resort Paris (DLRP) handbag, this one blows them all out of the water. Rapunzel has so much expression on her face. Her smile radiates the silliness and joy that her character displayed throughout the whole film and even though Pascal is small they still gave him a smile and a great swirly tail. Her body proportions are perfect, not leaving her with an emaciated stomach or a giant booty. And her eyes are simply marvelous. Eyes are so easily ruined in pins, but this artist clearly took the time to make sure the blazing green eyes were symmetrical and actually charismatic. They even matched dear little Pascal. The detail on the flowers in her hair is stunning. Even though her hair didn’t have flowers like that when she had Flynn wrapped up in her hair, it adds that little extra burst of color to make the pin excellent. Then we follow the tangled mass of hair over to Flynn and boy is he in trouble. There are a lot of ways you could interpret the look on his face, and I can’t decide whether he’s shocked, terrified, or just plain bewildered, but whatever he’s feeling its complicated and the excellent design really brings him to life. From his scraggly hair to gritted teeth and finally the little stubble on his chin, Flynn Ryder is truly drawn well on this pin. The second and third level of the pin on pin is the showcase and housing of the film cel. I believe it’s supposed to be a movie theater as well, but Tangled themed with purple, orange, and what looks like a mustard color. A bright yellow sun is displayed in the center oval on the top of the pin, which is the crest of her regal parents. The vibrancy of the outer pin is stunning. With a huge streak of sunny yellow across the bottom, Rapunzel’s purple and white dress, the splash of green from Pascal body and Rapunzel’s eyes, the manly blue and white of Flynn’s attire, and the orange, purple and bright yellow adorning the top of the pin, this PODM sticks out in any pin book and in the most delightful way. I truly love the design of this pin and no matter what scene you might end up with, this pin is a winner. Inner Cel: Now onto the real reason this pin was such a disaster to purchase on the day of: the inner film cel. No two pins are alike, even if they have a similar scene. Each cel was taken from a different frame on the reel. The artists wanted to make sure they weren’t using the same scene twice, so they handpicked scenes and frames for this release. After conversations with the head designer of this pin he was able to tell us just how many pins of our favorites scenes there are, but first let’s take a look at the pin. This is by far my favorite scene and I think the best scene that came with the Tangled Release. Featuring all four characters, with Rapunzel on the left, Pascal (in green) on her head, Flynn next to her, and finally Maximus on the right, and having both Rapunzel and Flynn holding up her mass of hair, this scene screams the fun loving tone of the film. It’s humorous, it’s silly, and all the favorite core characters are present. In the specific scene that I have, all the characters are visible and looking directly at the camera. They are actually looking past the camera at the young girls of the kingdom, who are just about to leap up and braid all of Rapunzel’s hair. Rapunzel herself has a somewhat surprised look on her face. Despite her lack of giant smile, she still retains her irresistible charm and adorableness. Pascal is his usual self, sitting, ever watchful on her head, making sure nothing happens to her and Flynn doesn’t try anything fresh. Flynn’s little smirk tells us everything we need to know about him. He’s holding a giant pile of hair that has been dragged around the forest, in water, and who knows where else, but all he can do is smile because Flynn doesn’t take life that seriously and of course he’s totally smitten by Rapunzel. I mean, who wouldn’t be? She’s a catch. Finally, Maximus turns his head towards us and bulges out his eyes. Classic Maximus. He’s always taking everything in and he’s not usually OK with anything that’s going on, but sure enough he goes along with it. What a good sport. Now that is what I call a scene. It has charisma, it has the tone of the movie, and best of all it has all the characters we know and love. Let me say a few more things about the pin. Due to it’s size the double pin on the back is necessary and the artists were kind enough to make the pins on the top and the bottom, so it can easily be placed on any sized lanyard, no matter the width. The back of the pin is nice. It has gold metal with Mickey head stamps, the pin trading seal on the middle left, Disney copyright and China on the bottom left, LE size on the bottom right, and the PODM logo on the right, written vertically. There is only one problem with this type of pin. Because the film cel needs a lighted background they are not easy to display on a lanyard or anywhere for that matter. They have to be lifted up to the light or set in front of a light box. You can’t enjoy the scene and the rest of the pin at the same time. Good thing the rest of the pin is so nice. Alright, I know you’ve been waiting this the whole review to find out how many of these scenes there are and you’re about to find out. Out of the entire set of 2000 pins released only thirteen to fifteen of these scenes were made. That makes this scene between an LE 13-LE15. Wow! Grail anyone? I gladly give this 5 stars. I’d give it 6 if I could, but alas I can only give it 5. Great job Disney - xiolen
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