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    November 29, 2018

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Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party 2018 six pin framed set. The pin set can only be purchased during the Christmas party. The frame is silver in color and below the glass their is a mat that is ice blue and has large and small white snowflakes scattered all around the mat, at the very bottom centered it says in white MICKEY’S, Verry Merry in light blue and in white again it says CHRISTMAS PARTY 2018. The heavy duty cardboard that holds the pins has a mixture of different shades of blue that have white and blue snowflakes all around it. All of the pins are hinged and have glittering wreaths with different colored ornaments and white glittering bows that says Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party 2018 for each one around the different characters. Starting at the top and going clockwise, then the center is: 1. Woody and Jessie: the background is green Woody has on a red glittering cowboy hat and is on the left holding an open red and white diagonal striped box of ornaments. Jessie is on the left and is wearing her red cowgirl hat and is holding up a red glass ornament that is glittering. (wreath ornaments are clear) 2. Wreck-it-Ralph and Vanellope: the background is glittering blue with round white and red ornaments. Vanellope is siting on Ralph’s right shoulder and is wearing a red and white fur Santa hat and ice blue jumper. Ralph is frowning because he has red ribbon wrapped all around him tied in a bow right in front. (wreath ornaments are orange) 3. Peter Pan and Tinkerbell: the background is a light blue with a glittering red ribbon and the bow is tied around a lit lampshade. Peter has his green hat on and Tinkerbell is flying next to him and is putting a piece of holly on his hat. (wreath ornaments are ice blue) 4. Chip and Dale: the background is blue with the castle in the back on the right. Chip is on the left wearing a green jacket and is placing a red and white peppermint as an ear on a glittering Mickey snowman that is wearing a green and gold check scarf. Dale is on the right holding a big glittering snow ball. (wreath ornaments are red) 5. Mad Hatter and Alice: the background is glittering green with the Mad Hatter on the left wearing his brown coat and light blue hat with a medium blue ribbon around the bottom of the hat. Alice is on the right and is wearing her traditional blue dress and white smock. They are holding what looks like a big straw between them. (wreath ornaments are blue) 6. Grumpy and Snow White: the background is a light blue on both sides then there is a strip of dark blue going down the middle. Grumpy is on the left and his beard is glittering white and is facing Snow White. Snow White is on the left wearing a red ribbon in her hair. At the top in between hanging is mistletoe and Snow White is giving a kiss on Grumpy’s nose. (wreath ornaments are yellow)

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