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PP77055     DLR - 2005 Cast Member Spirit Award Pin (Gold)

DLR - 2005 Cast Member Spirit Award Pin (Gold)

Pin Stats

  • Origin: DL - Disneyland California
  • Limited Edition: Open
  • Year on Pin / Released: 2005
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  • Wanting: 13
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Front Description

The Spirit award is the highest honor that a Disneyland Cast Member can receive in regards to performance and upholding the values, traditions, and expectations for a Disneyland Cast Member. It is the counterpart to Walt Disney World's Partners In Excellence Program, though that differs as those pins are not denoted by year, or have they changed since the program's inception. There are three tiers in the Spirit Award program (as opposed to the Partner's In Excellence two), Bronze at the lowest level, silver as the next step, and Gold serves as the highest award. Each pin either contains or is gold, the Bronze pin is labeled 1/10 10k, Silver 1/5 10k, and Gold is 10k. Pins are produced by O.C. Tanner Company and come in small plastic presentation boxes. Per a member of Disneyland Management, Peers nominate cast members for the award based on 3 areas of performance: operations excellence, guest service, or cast excellence. For people who are nominated in two of these three areas, the silver award is considered. All nominations go through a review process, so someone who was nominated in two areas might just end up with bronze if one area was not really that strong. From Bronze or Silver, the cast's leader may further bump them up to Golden based on their enhanced and expanded review of the peer comments.

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