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PP57894     Broadway - New Amsterdam Theatre 1997 - 3 Pin Box Set

Broadway - New Amsterdam Theatre 1997 - 3 Pin Box Set

Pin Stats

  • Origin:
  • Limited Edition: 550
  • Year on Pin / Released: 1997
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  • Wanting: 4
  • Trading: 1

Front Description

This is a three pin box set. The box is black and says "New Amsterdam Theatre 1997 commemorative pin set limited to 550." Inside the box is a one inch piece of foam under a cardboard backing for the three pins. The cardboard backing has an old black and white picture of the theater as it's focus. The pins are as follows: One appears to be a sign outside with a square pink clock above it. The sign says New across the small part of the top and Amsterdam going down the length of the sign with 1997 underneath it. The Second pin is two shades of green and reminds me of a column. It has a face near the top with a small leafy design around it. The back part of the column is shaded with a deep blue color and the base of the column is white and says NAT on it. The last or third pin is of a peacock with a blue body facing left. The large feathers are a turquoise. The top of the right side of the pin has a backward "S" with a cluster of green grapes. The bottom part of the "S" says "NA 1997". The peacock pin is listed individually #3815

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