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PP159101     EU DS - Peter Pan - Neverland - Magical Medallions

EU DS - Peter Pan - Neverland - Magical Medallions

Pin Stats

  • Origin: EU DS - Shop Disney Europe
  • Limited Edition: 1250
  • Year on Pin / Released: 2023
  • SKU: 466044271446   
  • Original Price: € 18
  • Wanting: 8
  • Trading: 1

Front Description

The pin is made of dark blue stained glass representing the night sky. The pin is a rectangle of approximately 3.2 by 4.5 cm with the corners cut out. In the middle, rises Big Ben high above white clouds, its top breaking the outline of the pin. The clouds have "Neverland" written vertically in silver. Black shadows of Peter Pan followed by the Darling children fly across the pin. Peter Pan who flies first is barely visible against the blue sky, as is Michael at the end. Wendy, followed by John fly in front of the tower and are clearly visible. Opening the hinged pin reveals Neverland: an island in mostly green tones surrounded by blue water and a slightly darker blue sky. At the bottom, around the tops of the mountains and in the sky: white clouds. A golden pirate ship floats on the largest cloud. Bunnyburrow #157455, Portorosso #157483, Arendelle #157702, Agrabah #158428, Little Town #158914, Olympus #158916, Atlantica #159100, Neverland #159101, Kumandra #159102

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