PinPics FAQs

General PinPics Information

  • What is PinPics?

    PinPics® is the premiere trading community for Walt Disney pins on the internet today. Welcome! We want you to have a pleasant trading experience, and are here to help anytime. To begin trading, please follow the instructions provided in the Pin University section of the website. Should you need assistance, feel free to email us at

  • How do I buy these pins?

    PinPics is an information-only site, and no pins are sold here. Pins are also listed for sale on Internet auction sites like eBay and the PinTalk Forum.

  • May I sell pins here, or contact your members?

    We do not allow references to pin sales/auctions on our site, or sending solicitations to our members. Please see our Terms of Use page for our official terms.

  • Can I use your pin images?

    User Generated Content, including, but not limited to pin images and pin descriptions, may ONLY be used or copied if you have the express written permission of PinPins®. Permission my be sough at as per the Terms of Use.

  • Is pin trading by mail safe?

    Short answer: NO. Hundreds of people have had a very enjoyable experience making new friends and trading over the Internet. However, we do not live in a perfect world and even in this hobby, there is the possibility that you will encounter some bad traders. Although we do everything in our power to discourage them, including bringing charges against them with the Postal Inspector, it is possible to lose pins. We recommend you read their Dizpins Internet Pin Trading Guidelines to assist you with your online trading. Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

  • Is there a Pocket PC version of PinPics?

    You are now able to see the PinPics site on mobile phones and tablets. The themes have been optimized for each of these devices.

Using the PinPics Database

  • How do I register?

    Go to the Member Area and enter a valid email address. You will then be sent an email with the link to continue your registration. Choose a user name and password and you’re all set!

  • How does the listing and trading of pins work?

    Listing Pins Once you have become a registered member, you may use the My PinPics page to list a set of pins that you own. Other users (who don't have to be registered) can then view your pin collection by going to the My PinPics page and entering your username. This makes internet trading easier when you want to be able to show someone your pin collection. If you own a pin which is currently not on the site, please feel free to add it on the Add A Pin page. For more information about adding pins, click here. Trading Pins In addition to listing your pins, the automated Trade Assistant allows you to indicate a set of pins that you want and a set of pins that you are willing to trade. To bring up the Trade Assistant, visit the My PinPics page and click on one of the Trade Assistant links. You are NOT OBLIGATED in any way to make trades. The information gathered by the Trade Assistant is used only as a tool to link you up with potential traders. The Trade Assistant will compare your tradable pins and your wants to the tradable pins and wants of the other members, and hopefully find someone who could potentially trade with you. The Trade Assistant works in two ways: immediate gratification and delayed reaction. For immediate gratification, click the "locate trades now" link in the Trade Assistant after you have listed your tradable pins and your wants. The Trade Assistant will indicate which of your tradable pins are currently in demand, and what you might be able to get for them. Don't panic if nothing comes up for trade -- members are constantly updating their tradable pins and their wants. If some other member locates a trade which may involve your pins, you will be notified at the e-mail address you specified in your member profile (this is the delayed reaction mode). If you get restless, you can come back at any time for some more immediate gratification. :-)

  • Is there more than one way to view the lists of pins?

    Yes, the default way to view the pins is by pin number and name. However if you look in the upper right corner of each list of pins you will see two little icons that allow you to change the way that you are viewing the pins. You have the choice of also viewing the pins as thumbnails or as thumbnails and pin number and title.

  • Some pins are marked unauthorized. What does that mean?

    Unauthorized pins are pins that have not been sanctioned or created by Disney or pins that have been illegally sold to individuals not as an agent of the Walt Disney Company.

  • What is a bootleg pin?

    A bootleg pin is one that is manufactured to look just like an authentic Disney pin, and it blatantly infringes on Disney copyrights and/or trademarks. It is made illegally and may bear a Disney copyright and other false information on the back (a backstamp). It will feature Disney characters and often it will feature Disney wording and fonts as well. Bootleg pins are illegal, but they show up on Disney Cast Member lanyards on Disney properties because it has become very difficult for Disney to keep up with the rate of bootleg production. Folks are making these bootlegs very quickly, and before Disney can react they are already in circulation. These pins are sold illegally via auction sites, but they are NOT permitted to be sold or traded on PinPics. For a listing of what pins are considered bootleg, please check out the this link.

  • Why do I show up as Anonymous?

    Members must explicitly indicate that they wish to appear as a public member. To do so, log in on the Member Login page and then click the link to update your user profile. On the profile screen about halfway down, check the box which allows your username to be public. Why do we have this silly policy? Well, some people create special usernames just for certain types of pin trading (or for other reasons) and don't want those usernames visible to others. Also, some people just want their pin lists to be private unless they specifically give you their username.

  • I do not want to trade for awhile. Can I turn off my Trade Assistant?

    Yes, please go to your profile and edit it so that TRADE ASSIST radio button next to "Turn Off" is turned on (or dark). When you are ready to trade again, remove the dot and you are ready to go.

  • How do I contact a member who has no email address?

    Right now you can't. We're working on a private message feature to allow communication with anonymous members and members who have not made their email address public.

Trade Communication and Etiquette

  • I received my first trade request. What now?

    Congratulations on your first trade request! You can do one of two things. If you are happy with the prospective trade, send them an email and let them know. If you do not want to trade, then that is ok too. Just reply with a friendly no thanks. Always remember that the key to any trade is good communication. It is also proper pin trading etiquette to reply back to the trader if you do not wish to trade. Who knows… this person may have your next Holy Grail and may just become your next pin trading Friend!! Always remember to treat others as you want to be treated and put yourself in the other trader’s place.

  • Is there anything else that I need to know?

    Just be as friendly and as courteous as possible. Please remember that there is never an excuse for rudeness. This is a hobby and we want you to enjoy it!

Trade Complaints

  • I am having problem with a trade that I agreed to on PinPics. What do I do?

    If you have tried to resolve the issue and you and the other trader are at an impasse, you can file a complaint at our Complaint Center. Please fill out the form completely. Also make sure to copy all emails regarding the trade, and as such, all e-mails regarding any and all trades should be kept until both parties have received their pins and the trade can be considered as completed. This will allow our moderators to help you out the best way possible.

  • Who handles the complaints?

    Our Complaint Moderators are neutral people who will look at both sides of a complaint as handle it as fairly as possible.

  • I’m new to this and I don’t want to lose my pins. How can I prevent that?

    We have moderators who would be happy to act as a third party to ensure a safe transaction. Remember, if it sounds too good to be true it often is.

  • What is a third party trade and how does it work?

    A third party trade is when a moderator acts as a middle man in a trade. Both parties send their pins to the moderator. As soon as the moderator receives both packages, and insures that the pins received are the correct pins agreed to in the trade and that the pins are in the condition agreed to in the trade, they will in turn send them on to complete the trade. If one party fails to complete the trade, the pin will go back to the original owner. Please Note: The parties involved are responsible for the shipping charges that the moderator will incur. Also note that the moderator will contact the parties if a pin arrives damaged to see if the trade is to be completed. Moderators are not responsible to ensure the authenticity of the pins involved.

Adding Pins to the Database

  • Can I add a new pin to the database?

    Absolutely! That's what this site is all about! To add a pin, you must be a registered member. We require registration so that you will have the ability to update your pin later if you wish. If you cannot scan or obtain an image of the pin, you can add it without a picture. If you would like to mail us a photograph or something along those lines, please feel free to e-mail us at

  • How do I add a pin to PinPics?

    Click on the Add A Pin link at the top of the page.

    1. Choose the pin class that your pin belongs in.
    2. Enter in all the information that you have about the pin. Please try to be as descriptive as possible. The more descriptive you are the easier it will be for others to find the pin in the database.
    3. Then click the Add This New Pin button at the bottom of the page. Entrees must be approved by moderators before they appear on the site. If they are duplicate entries, you will be notified.

  • There are so many categories. How do I know which categories the pin belongs to?

    Here’s a guide to help you out! 2000 Logo - Any pin that has the Mickey head 2000 Logo on it. 3D - Any pin that has more than one layer. Annual Passholder - Any pin that was available only to Annual Passholders at any of the Disney Venues. Attraction - Any pin having to do with an attraction or show in a Disney Theme Park. Artist Choice - Any pin that has an Artist Choice logo on it. Award - Any pin that was only available as an award. Often these are Cast Member pins. Build-a-Pin - Any pin that was either a bass or add-on from the Build-a-Pin Program. Cartoon/Short film - Any pin with either a character from or pertaining to an animated short, short educational film or featurette. Cast Lanyard Series - Any pin that is part of the Cast Lanyard series. Character-Park/Resort - Any pin with a character on that is exclusive to an attraction or resort at a Disney Theme park. Commemorative - Any pin that commemorates an event such as a park, ride or movie opening, special gathering, etc. Countdown - Any pin that is part of a series released to count down to the opening of a park, attraction, movie etc. Cruise Line - Any pin from the Disney Cruise Line or Castaway Cay. Feature Film - Any pin with a character, title, etc. from a Disney live action or animated film. Framed - Any framed set. Free D - Any pin with a fastened rubber element on a pin for extra dimension. FREE D is an acronym for Fastened Rubber Element for Extra Dimension. Fuzzy/Furry - Any pin with part or all of it flocked. DA LE 100 - Any pin sold through Disney Auctions that is a limited edition of 100. Dangle - Any pin that has a dangle attached to it. Easels - Any pin that came with it‘s own small easel to display it. Error - Any pin that has a mistake that shows up either through the entire run or a significant portion thereof. Paint variations are not error pins. Event/Sport - Any pin from an Olympic event or sport. Glows in Dark - Any pin in which all or part of it glows in the dark. Hinged - Any pin with a part attached with a hinge. Holiday - Any pin commemorating a holiday. Jewels - Any pin with a jewel or jewels on it. Jumbo Pin - an exceptionally large pin, generally at least one dimension is 3” or greater. Lanyard - Any lanyard licensed by Disney or the Olympics. Lanyard Medallion - Any lanyard medallion licensed by Disney or the Olympics. Light Up - Any pin that lights up. Local Culture - Any Olympic pin dealing with an area of local culture. Map - The map from any Disney pin pursuit. Mascot - The mascot from any Olympic Games. Movement - Any pin that has a part that moves independently of the rest of the pin. Official Sponsor - Any pin from a licensed Olympic sponsor. P.I.N.S Auction - Any pin sold through the Purchase It Now Store on Disney Auctions. Paralympics - Any pin from the Paralympics. Park - Any pin with a park name or logo on it. Pin Bag - Any bag designed specifically to hold pins. Pin of the Month - Any pin that is part of the Pin of the Month series released at any Disney theme park or Disney venue. Resort/Club - Any pin from a resort or club on Disney property. Series - Any pin that is part of a series. Slider - Any pin with a separate moving part that slides. Set (or part of) - Any pin that was sold as part of a set. Sparkle/Glitter - Any pin with a glittery area. Stained Glass - Any pin that has an area that is translucent. Straight Back - Any pin with a straight, clasp style back. Surprise/Mystery - Any pin whose release was not announced before hand. Torch Relay - Any Olympic pin from the torch relay. TV Show/Series - Any pin from a Disney TV show or series. Venue City - Any pin from the city where an Olympic Games were held. Venues - Any of the venues of the Olympic sports. Other - Anything not covered in the previous categories.

  • I added a pin but just found it in the database. How do I delete it?

    Unfortunately, only moderators can delete a pin. Please send an email to and someone will take care of it for you.

Adding Pictures to the Database

  • I see a pin on PinPics that doesn’t have an image. Can I add it?

    Please email the image to and a moderator will add it for you.

  • I added a picture to PinPics and now it is gone. What happened?

    Sometimes this problem can be resolved by pressing the Refresh button in your browser. If the image has been replaced with an image of a filmstrip that says “Coming Soon”, then the image was removed by a moderator. We do not have permission to use some images, i.e., images from Disney Auctions, so the image was replaced.

  • Can I use a picture from eBay?

    Unfortunately we can not. Most of these images are owned by the seller of these auctions and unless we have written permission from them, we may not use them.

  • What is the easiest way to get an image of my pin?

    Using a scanner (if you have one) will be easier than photographing as you do not have to worry about focusing, lighting, flash, etc. After scanning, please trim any extraneous white space from around the scanned image and then save the image in a compressed format such as JPEG, GIF, or PNG. The image is now ready for uploading to PinPics.

  • How can I avoid the dark shadows I get behind the pin?

    Pin the pin to a piece of paper before you scan it. The white, glossy photo paper works best. Try to avoid pinning it to something with a texture (rugs, towels, furniture, etc) as the texture creates more information that has to be stored.

  • Is it better to scan my pin or take a digital picture?

    Scanning is usually easier but it depends on the type of pin. Pins with polished gold or silver areas will have those areas appear black when scanned. If they are not next to/surrounded by a dark color (black, navy etc) then this may not be a problem. If they are in/adjacent to a dark color it is probably better to take a picture. Pins with more than 2 layers can cause problems on some scanners and may need to be photographed.

  • How come when I take a picture the pin is out of focus?

    Usually this is caused by being too close to the pin. Many cameras have a close-up or macro mode/lens. This will allow you to get to with in 1-2 feet of the pin. If you don’t have a close up or macro, try to retake the picture from further away using the highest resolution. You, or PinPics, can crop out all the “extra stuff” later.

  • Why does pin come out orangey or green?

    This is caused by indoor lighting not having true, white light. Incandescent light, from a standard light bulb, is yellow and fluorescent can be green, blue or even orange. Halogen is usually the best but it can cause glares. Taking a picture outside on a bright, overcast day will provide the best, most even light for photography.

  • Should I use my flash?

    If you are far enough away from a pin it may work but usually flash photography will cause a glare on part of the pin. If you have a way to bounce the flash off of something to get an indirect light it may work but the best/easiest way is natural, indirect sunlight.

  • What format should I save my picture as?

    Generally the JPG (JPEG) format is best for photos while the GIF format is best for graphics. PinPics will accept both formats but you can usually get a larger (visually) picture using JPG.

  • What do I do if I can’t save my picture in either of those formats?

    Please send it to as an attachment to your e-mail and we should be able to convert it for you.

  • What programs do you recommend for working with photos?

    Adobe Photoshop Elements (a home version of Photoshop), and Ulead’s Photo Impact are both good quality graphics/photo editing programs that are available for a reasonable price.

  • Any tips for getting the best scan possible?

    Scan the pin a little bigger than its actual size. A bigger size will give you more to work with when editing. 200% or 300 DPI works well. Don’t be afraid to experiment with the various options in your graphics / scanning program. Save the raw scan first so if you go too far and can’t undo you don’t have to re-scan.

  • What is the ideal number of pixels for a pin image?

    Try to reduce the picture to between 200 and 300 pixels. (This may have to be a little larger for multi pin sets or framed sets) When saving the file it should end up between 14 and 19K. This may take a little experimentation to get a good balance between the visual size and the physical size.