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Before creating this form, please read the Trade Issue Agreement on the "Agreement" tab, you will be asked to verify that you've read this below - for both new trade issues and updates.

We strive to avoid duplicate trade issues, if you have entered the trade issue before, it will be available for you to check the status on the "My Trade Issues" tab. For your ease and convenience, the contents of your active trade issue will also show up below to allow you to update it.

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Trade Issue Agreement -- Trade Reporting System

Before registering a new trade issue report, please read the following terms closely and indicate your acceptance by clicking the button at the bottom.

The vast majority of pin trades by mail are completed successfully, but this Trade Reporting System is provided as extra assurance against fraud. Many people at some point or another will worry about not receiving a trade or not being able to contact the trader, and we are here to help.

Our experience has been that most trade issue reports are resolved simply by re-establishing communication between the traders. Often someone forgets to mail a pin before going on vacation or on a business trip, or their e-mail account gets deactivated for any number of reasons. Only in a very few number of cases is fraud actually involved.

This Trade Reporting System has two main purposes. The first is to automatedly attempt to re-establish communication between traders. The second is to gather information that would be required by a Postal Inspector in order to prosecute any real cases of theft. Stealing pins is Mail Fraud, and we have a successful record of prosecuting those who would defraud others through our websites. We take this very seriously.

The following requirements must be met in order to register a trade issue report with this system:

  1. You must have initiated a pin trade through a PinTalk or Pin Pics service, and by means of some provable mechanism such as e-mail or a bulletin board.
  2. You must have the e-mail address of the person you are trading with.
  3. You must already have mailed your pin(s).
  4. You must have attempted for at least one week to contact the trader by e-mail with no response, OR it has been at least three weeks since you mailed your pins and you still have not received the trade.

When a new trade issue report is entered, this system follows the schedule shown below. For the purposes of the items below, the initiator is the person who registers the trade issue report, and the recipient is the person the initiator is complaining about.

  1. Both parties are immediately e-mailed the details of the trade issue report as well as information about how to respond. The system will attempt several times to reach the recipient.
  2. Either party may add notations to the trade issue report at any time.
  3. The initiator may cancel the trade issue report at any time, for instance if the pin arrives or other arrangements are made.
  4. The trade issue report will automatically be cancelled if it is not escalated and no notations are made to the record for 30 days.
  5. Escalation procedures are no longer available as of August, 2009, but the text of the record may be used when contacting authorities when further legal action is desired.

NO GUARANTEE is made regarding the outcome of any trade issue report, and our moderators are unpaid volunteers who have no legal expertise. This service is provided AS-IS in the hopes that it will be helpful, and no warranty whatsoever is given or implied.

My Trade Issues

Below is a listing of all the trade issue reports you are involved in and the status of their resolution. Please be patient, our moderators are volunteers and working as diligently as possible to make sure you have a pleasant Disney Pin trading experience. There is sometimes a learning curve involved with new members of the community, and we will resolve your issues as quickly as humanly possible on a first come, first served basis.

ID From To Trade Date Pins Traded Status
20195295 alagaesia 28/11/2015 Sent:110702
Missing: 108357
Cancel: 3
12379361 jbbpins 06/23/2016 Sent:
Cancel: 3